Monday, August 24, 2009

Whiskey Review: Knob Creek

I decided to do a Bourbon review seeing that I have not touched an American whiskey in a long time. Knob was a great choice for this seeing that it is everything a cheap American Bourbon wishes it could be! First off, the bottle is really nice with the black wax and rough paper label. Past the bottle the drink itself is a great color, dark golden sherry.

Upon swirling, one notices the thick liquid with many legs. Its great mahogany color and strong nose almost warn the drinker of underestimating this whiskey.

Nose: other than the very noticeable smokey corn, a sweet musky house, or wet wood. I noticed a little chemically waft after the almost pine like wood too

Palate: it starts very sweet and then tingles your tongue from the high alcohol percentage, it delivers on the smokey pine and a strong serving of sweet honey

Finish: this whiskey finishes strong! it stays in your throat and permeates those burnt sugar tastes for a long time after you are done with it

Overall, this is a great whiskey. If any other other big label company tried to make their whiskey 50% alcohol, it would taste like gasoline. Knob has taken a very very strong drink and made it pleasurable with a fine smooth Bourbon! I give it a 8 of 10 (for whiskey that is....)

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