Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cigar Review: Acid One

I decided to give this one another try, for the first attempt I was not very pleased. It was ok, thats it just ok. Acid claims that this cigar is the cream of the crop as far as the Acid lines go. When I tired the One last weekend, it was great! It was a sweet, creamy smoke with a toasty fruit like finish. It was a sweetened cameroon wrapper and definitely not a traditional smoke by any means. I can't do an Acid all the time but when I want a sweeter smoke, man they hit the spot. The One tasted a little fruity, like a sherry and finished really well. The One is curred in many different wines and the taste really comes through. The burn quality was ok and the draw was good. I dont like the twisted rat tail head that it has, it makes cutting it easy but seriously takes away from its appearance. If this is a premium line of theirs, dont retract from its appearance with a nontraditional head. Overall I give this a 7 of ten. Great taste but only decent construction.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Whiskey Review: Knob Creek

I decided to do a Bourbon review seeing that I have not touched an American whiskey in a long time. Knob was a great choice for this seeing that it is everything a cheap American Bourbon wishes it could be! First off, the bottle is really nice with the black wax and rough paper label. Past the bottle the drink itself is a great color, dark golden sherry.

Upon swirling, one notices the thick liquid with many legs. Its great mahogany color and strong nose almost warn the drinker of underestimating this whiskey.

Nose: other than the very noticeable smokey corn, a sweet musky house, or wet wood. I noticed a little chemically waft after the almost pine like wood too

Palate: it starts very sweet and then tingles your tongue from the high alcohol percentage, it delivers on the smokey pine and a strong serving of sweet honey

Finish: this whiskey finishes strong! it stays in your throat and permeates those burnt sugar tastes for a long time after you are done with it

Overall, this is a great whiskey. If any other other big label company tried to make their whiskey 50% alcohol, it would taste like gasoline. Knob has taken a very very strong drink and made it pleasurable with a fine smooth Bourbon! I give it a 8 of 10 (for whiskey that is....)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Old World Reserve

I smoked a Rocky Patel Old World last night with a few good buddies and wow. This cigar is a throw back to the taste of cigars years ago and the one I had was a maduro, but they are available in Corojo as well. It was not the best cigar I have ever had but it was perfect for a cool summer night. It was not overly strong, right in the middle but full of flavor. It was not peppery but also not bland, not sweet but not to dry. It had earthy notes, mocha notes, and oaky notes. It was a orchestra of every aspect of a good cigar. Nothing particularly stood out but nothing overwhelmed you either. It was a perfect after dinner smoke amongst friend. It was a memorable night, especially since I have not seen these guys for quite a while. We ended up going back to campus and chilling with a few guys holding an event for freshman. Well the Greek Advisor decided we were banded from our own campus and kicked us out. We were not talking to freshman or even went in the building, I wanted to throw this in there for any BW students reading this! You know who I am talking about and I am amazed that someone that unprofessional actually has a job! Anyway great cigar, great night, 8 of 10!
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Cigar Bleeding

I have three separate humidors for each “flavor” of my cigars. I have Acid Cigars, Java types, and then traditional. I had them all in one humidor at one point but the flavors were “bleeding”. My acids started tasting chocolaty and the traditional cigars had less kick. I read somewhere on a forum that most people don’t put Acids and regular cigars side by side but I was skeptical about flavor absorption. What I have found with luxury goods is that people usually make them too complicated then they need to be. So I figured this was true with cigar segregation! I was wrong, maybe there is some method to the madness. I have found that my cigars are fresher and taste more true now that I made some sit in their own box. So moral of this story is connoisseurs probably know what they are talking about and cigars actually do absorb other flavors!
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cigar Review: CAO MX2

I had this cigar while sitting on the tailgate of truck on a beautiful day. If no one has done this, I would really recommend it! There is nothing like a good cigar with a friend on a gorgeous day. Here is the bio:

“When most people think of a Double Maduro, they typically are reminded of a super dark almost jet-black wrapper. CAO has put a new spin on the term “double maduro” with a second wrapper all together. It is medium to full-bodied and slightly sweet on the lips. The aroma is rich and earthy with hints of black pepper and a long spicy finish. This cigar is ideal for the maduro lover. It is considered to be in the top five in terms of the best maduro cigars being rolled today. Like all CAO cigars, the MX2 has a flawless construction and burn that makes it a solid performer every time you fire one up.”

Anyway, upon lighting it had a hard draw, it was packed very tight and burned real slow because of that draw. It blistered a bit during the smoke and I had to relight but it was slightly windy so I do not take it out on the cigar. The taste was great, it was a spicy smoke with a medium amount of pepper on the palate. It was right in between one of the CAO Golds and a CAO LX2. I preferred the LX2, but this was a little lighter and a great smoke none the less. For some reason I still taste more sweet from the LX2, which is supposed to be stronger and more peppery. As I mentioned the actual construction came under question but I don’t think it was the cigars fault. My buddy’s cigar also went out from the breeze. Overall, I give this one a 7 of 10.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scotch Review: Glenmorangie 10

This is one of my weekend Scotchs. It is lively and spicy with a great fruit note to it. I was recommended this by a boss of mine and have loved it since. I believe it is pronounced just how it looks, no silent "g" stuff!

Color: a slightly darker pale gold
Nose: caramel candy and citrus zest, orange peel
Palate: starts off right away with a sweet and spicy mouth filling experience, then fades to the noticeable citrus taste and finishes with the sweet caramel. This is the oranges and cream of Scotch!
Finish: a tad short, the drink itself is a little watery but it really packs in the flavour. The sweet fruit finish is great but I wish it had a stronger finish!

This drink is great! It is like a lively little kid when compared to some of my others and some that I have tasted. It is fast and full of flavour but it passes quickly and runs off! I cant help but picture a little hyper, shin kicking boy! If this Scotch were personified it would be a little menace! I give it an 8 of 10!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cigar Bid

Ok I figured I would share this site with you all for it is truly great! Other than I really really like It is basically ebay for cigars, but the old ebay. The ebay where there were actually still auctions not all the buy it now junk. This is a great place because for the most part if you want to win an item and still want to pay under what it is actually worth, you can do it. I have got some amazing deals on their. I got some really nice Xikar products for half the retail price. I got an Xi2 cutter for only twenty bucks and a new humidor for 22. Plus for actual cigars, the deals are good and the shipping facility is in PA which is one state over so my shipping times are short! I just figured this was worth sharing seeing that I just won two Acid Opulence 3's for 5 bucks total! Check it and don't do what I did. I bid on everything thinking there is no way I can get them that cheap. Well I ended up winning a lot of those items, now I am broke!

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cigar Review: Perdomo Reserve Golf

This was a recommendation from a buddy of mine and well really good! He said he used to smoke them when he had to drive a long way to stay awake and I believe that! It is a great tasting and smelling cigar, not to crazy too smoke in a car either. This is the cigar bio,

"Perdomo Reserve Limited Edition Golf features an Ecuadorian Connecticut-shade wrapper, aged for 5 years, which conceals a complex blend of Nicaraguan long-filler. The cigar is smooth, mellow, and aromatic – offering thick clouds of creamy smoke that produce nuances of coffee, cedar and a slight spice masked by underlying hints of sugar. The construction is impeccable, offering a slow and even burn that is consistent from box to box. Make no mistake, this cigar is a “hole-in-one.”

Well this this really was a hole in one. It was mild to medium and a great sweet oaky taste. It had a great coffee after taste with that ever so slight spice. I didn't really notice the spice but I did a little more toward the end of the smoke. All in all a great cigar with a little twist from traditional to sweet, I give it am 8 of 10!

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