Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scotch Review: Glenmorangie 10

This is one of my weekend Scotchs. It is lively and spicy with a great fruit note to it. I was recommended this by a boss of mine and have loved it since. I believe it is pronounced just how it looks, no silent "g" stuff!

Color: a slightly darker pale gold
Nose: caramel candy and citrus zest, orange peel
Palate: starts off right away with a sweet and spicy mouth filling experience, then fades to the noticeable citrus taste and finishes with the sweet caramel. This is the oranges and cream of Scotch!
Finish: a tad short, the drink itself is a little watery but it really packs in the flavour. The sweet fruit finish is great but I wish it had a stronger finish!

This drink is great! It is like a lively little kid when compared to some of my others and some that I have tasted. It is fast and full of flavour but it passes quickly and runs off! I cant help but picture a little hyper, shin kicking boy! If this Scotch were personified it would be a little menace! I give it an 8 of 10!

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