Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Decade

Bringing out the Big Guns

It was a FREEZING night (hence my sweet gloves) but I had to have a cigar. I just reached into the humidor and pulled out a Rocky. I have never had a Rocky that I didn't like, and I knew this one wouldn't disappoint. Just looking at this cigar, you notice the label right away. A great label is an easy way to get the smoker ready to enjoy a cigar. The Rocky Patel Decade has a classic, heavy hitting label and that is exactly how I would describe the actual cigar...

Upon cutting it had an average draw and construction. I had a little problem with the head (coming unwrapped) but I was using a lousy cutter with gloves on. No points being deducted on that one.

It had a great earthy smell and the burn was about average, with a nice circle all the way around. It was a little stronger than I expected. Most of the Rocky's I have had, are more medium to mild. Even their "stronger" cigars haven't really hit me as that strong. This one actually did a little. Whether all Decades are like that I don't know, but this was a full bodied cigar. It had a very deep toasted taste like hazelnut or some other earthy nut.

It was an excellent smoke, just not what I was expecting. It had a very strong smell so make sure to smoke outside! I really liked it and thought it was a nice little change from what I had been smoking. All in all, very nicely done Mr. Patel! Nothing too complex so it is gonna lose a few points there but, I give this fella' a solid 7 of 10!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Scotch Review: Cragganmore 12 Yr

I reached a major milestone in my life, and you know what that calls for.... a new whisky!

I decided to get one that has been on my list for quite some time. I always try to buy Scotches that are in the middle price range 40-60 dollars, and this one fit the ticket. I decided to buy the Cragganmore 12 yr. It is a Speyside single malt, and distinguished as a Classic Malt of Scotland. 

Color: a pale gold like, similar to honey
Nose: intense, sulphury with floral notes. Somewhere in there is a burnt sweetness
Palate: thin and watery, with a mouth watering effect. It is sweet and potent with an obvious floral taste, simple
Finish: warming but short, the taste lingers as a smoky sweet. Very good

I am fairly happy with my purchase of this malt. It is very aromatic and has a nice finish. Its actual taste is so-so, but the experience is enjoyable none the less. It is definitely worth having in your collection. The fact that it is part of the Classic Malts is kind of cool as well. Getting one of every  Classic Malt is a fun way to build a collection.   I give this Speyside a 7 of 10.

Questions for YOU: Have you tried any of the Classic Malts?