Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Decade

Bringing out the Big Guns

It was a FREEZING night (hence my sweet gloves) but I had to have a cigar. I just reached into the humidor and pulled out a Rocky. I have never had a Rocky that I didn't like, and I knew this one wouldn't disappoint. Just looking at this cigar, you notice the label right away. A great label is an easy way to get the smoker ready to enjoy a cigar. The Rocky Patel Decade has a classic, heavy hitting label and that is exactly how I would describe the actual cigar...

Upon cutting it had an average draw and construction. I had a little problem with the head (coming unwrapped) but I was using a lousy cutter with gloves on. No points being deducted on that one.

It had a great earthy smell and the burn was about average, with a nice circle all the way around. It was a little stronger than I expected. Most of the Rocky's I have had, are more medium to mild. Even their "stronger" cigars haven't really hit me as that strong. This one actually did a little. Whether all Decades are like that I don't know, but this was a full bodied cigar. It had a very deep toasted taste like hazelnut or some other earthy nut.

It was an excellent smoke, just not what I was expecting. It had a very strong smell so make sure to smoke outside! I really liked it and thought it was a nice little change from what I had been smoking. All in all, very nicely done Mr. Patel! Nothing too complex so it is gonna lose a few points there but, I give this fella' a solid 7 of 10!

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