Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cigar Review: Victor Sinclair Primeros

Ever have one of those weeks where nothing goes right? Yup. We all have, and sometimes you just need a friend to lean on to make it better. My friend this week was (you guessed it)... was an awesome cigar! The Victor Sinclair Primeros.

This little fella' is a great listener and will surely make your crappy week seem like a thing of the past!

The Victor Primeros is an easy smoking cigar with the taste and construction of much pricier cigars. You can pick up a box of these for around $50 or a single for just 3 bucks from StogieBoys!

I haven't had many Victor Sinclair's, as a matter of fact, I believe this is my first review. I hope you are excited as I am! Probably not, but lets get smoking.

The cigar is wrapped in a gorgeous Connecticut leaf. It is smooth and ready to make any day better! Bined with Sumatra leaves and filled with Ligero, Olor, and Dominican tobaccos. The spec sheet on this cigar is impressive, it has a very good mix of tobaccos so the flavors should be awesome.

Cutting and lighting are a breeze and the first few puffs are excellent. Smooth, sweet and a perfect draw. The cigar stays a nice temperature and really makes smoking enjoyable. It doesn't pack a wallop of flavor, but it has enough undertones to keep me happy. I was literally melting my stress away. This cigar makes a great weekender. As you smoke it, expect the flavor and intensity to pick up but it is still lite. I enjoyed it to the very nub.

I really can't complain here. It was a great mellow smoke and it made me feel one hundred times better after smoking it. It was exactly what I needed. It doesn't have a ton of flavor, but that is not what this cigar was designed for. It's a complex light bodied cigar. And Victor nailed it. I give this cigar a strong 8.5 of 10. Pick one up!

Questions for YOU: What are your favorite de-stress cigars?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Whiskey Review: OYO Bourbon Michelone Reserve

This spicy little concoction from Middle West Spirits will keep you coming back!

For those of you who are not familiar with OYO, shame. Shame I say. It's a craft distillery right in the heart of Columbus, Ohio and definitely worth a try. They have mainly vodkas and whiskies. Delightful wheat whiskies I might add...

This is actually a blend of their 100% Ohio red wheat whiskey and a popular Kentucky bourbon. I am not sure what bourbon they are using but whatever it is, it's a good one. The result is a balanced, complex bourbon with a little bit of kick. To be honest I actually enjoy the regular OYO whiskey more, but this is still a delightful drink.

Color: Dark Russet
Nose: Baking spices, fruit, caramel
Taste: sweet brown sugar, a little rye, and citrus
Body: Medium to full
Finish: short and bitty 

Don't get me wrong, this is a really cool whiskey from OYO and it's a nice one to keep in the collection. Especially if you are from Ohio! I don't think it's their best whiskey but it beats some of the more popular brands at this price point. The other upside is supporting a local distillery, something I hold dear.

Go ahead pick up a bottle. Don't expect to have your mind blown, but do enjoy it. It's a damn good whiskey! Thanks OYO for keeping Ohio on the map. Overall I give this bourbon a respectable 7 out of 10.

Questions for YOU: Anybody else an OYO fan out there? Share your thoughts!