Friday, April 22, 2011

Cigar Review: Bahia Blue

Good flavor, even better price!

I wanted to try the Bahia line because of several reviews I have read, and because of a sale that a retailer was running. It was a great deal on a stick that is normally only $2.90 to begin with. I like my more premium smokes but the price on this cigar was too good to pass up! That is why a stick like this is a must have in the humidor. If you have buddies over  and they want a cigar, you don't usually want to give them your best smokes. Especially when they don't smoke a lot of cigars, they wouldn't appreciate the fine nuances in a premium cigar. But this little guy is perfect for that. It is smooth and still has a great taste without the big price tag. 

Bahia cigars were started in the 1990's and have claimed their space in the cigar industry as a value cigar. Great taste at a great price. It is a crowded place in the cigar world but Bahia has done a nice job. This particular cigar is a Nicaraguan made of 6-year-old fillers from Esteli, Jalapa, and Leon. The Bahia Blu is wrapped in a Corojo leaf that is around 3 years old. After rolling, these cigars are then aged in Spanish cedar for at least 180 days in Spanish cedar. 

Upon lighting this medium cigar had a VERY feint taste of pepper with a sweet cedar nuance that left a very pleasant finish. It burnt really well and didn't have any lighting problems either. All in all, a really enjoyable smoke. The extra care given to a cheaper stick is what gives them a better taste than other value brands. I may not be buying too many more of these, but if you find some at your local shop, pick up a few for guests! I give this stick a 6.5 of 10. 

Questions for YOU: What is your favorite value cigar?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cigar Review: Graycliff Platinum Edicion Limitada 2010

I am such a sucker. I have fallen in love with Graycliff cigars and I cannot get out of their hypnotic trance. I told myself my next review would be a Ghurka (I want to smoke their whole lineup in a year), but that obviously didn't happen. It all started when I ordered an amazing package from It was a 10 count portable humidor with humidifier and 10 Graycliffs. Not just any Graycliffs though, 2 double espressos, and 8 red and black label 2010 Limited Edition Graycliff cigars. This particular review is for the Red Label Limited Edition cigar. Another great cigar and because of the amazing deal I received, it made this cigar that much sweeter!

This cigar is tucked into a gorgeous Brazilian Habano wrapper and was free of any defects. This cigar is filled with Cuban seed long leaves straight out of Nicaragua. It had an average draw and I had no burn problems the whole time. Upon lighting, you didn't really get anything too noticeable. It had a nice mellow smell with a little sweet wiff. The first half of the cigar tasted very similar. It was very sweet and smooth, with a few complex flavors that I couldn't quite put my thumb on. Maybe a hint of cocoa!? It did have a little spice at the end and it made the smoke awesome. It was really good and I enjoyed every inch of that cigar. I actually expected it to be a little stronger but it’s medium strength was actually kind of refreshing. It made the whole smoking experience relaxing and perfect after a big lunch. A nice medium cigar after lunch is a the best way to round off the day!

If you manage to find some of the Graycliff limited edition cigars, buy them. Buy lots of them. This is a cigar you have to try and if you miss smoking this cigar well, your life just won’t be the same. Ok, that might be a stretch but these are some great cigars. So my next cigar review might be those Ghurkas I promised myself ….or it might be another Graycliff. I am such a sucker... This little gem was rated a 9 of 10.

Questions for YOU: Have you had this limited edition cigar and where did you buy yours?