Monday, November 12, 2012

Cigar Review: Gurkha Evil

Do you know what political ads and my next cigar review have in common?! They are both EVIL. Heyo! I'm full of jokes today.

The next cigar on my tasting list is the Gurkha Evil.I've had mixed results with Gurkha's but I am always up for a new smoke. This Brazilian wrapped gem is filled with spicy Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, and on paper looks to please. Albeit in a dark, mysterious way.....

The Gurkha Evil is a strong blend and you should be aware of this before lighting up. It has a little kick, nothing crazy but this is a full bodied cigar. Like most full bodied cigars, it has many strong and complex flavors. I enjoyed the earthy tastes and it had a little peppery finish as well. It's like a kick in the mouth, a surprisingly smooth kick in the mouth. I am not a huge fan of full bodied cigars, but this was balanced and smooth enough. I did have some burn problems as shown above. A little uneven, and I had to tend to it several times.

If I were to get more Evils, I would opt for the smaller sizes as to not overwhelm. You can get these in a robusto so I would start there. For those looking for a full, complex smoke here it is. The Evil also comes with a very reasonable price tag. Go on, give this feisty little guy a try! I give this Gurkha a 7 of 10.

Questions for YOU: How do you ensure a consistent burn? Any tips and tricks to share?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Cigar Review: Acid Toast

Just too good not to try! I have and always will enjoy a nice Acid Cigar . You have to respect them for their unique and interesting characteristics. It is so different from anything else out there, and that can cause some people to either love them, or hate them. Either way, the Acid cigar has transformed the industry and brought in MANY new smokers. Smokers who soon yearn to try other brands and broaden their cigar experience. For everyone that thinks they are cigar abominations, think twice. It is simply change, and a change that is making the cigar world larger for all. Accept it or not.

I had the Acid Toast, part of Drew Estates Subculture line. It was great! Probably one of my favorite Acid cigars, other than the 5’s and the Opulence. It had a fine presentation with a nice wrapper and that distinctive Acid smell. It had a nice easy draw and lit just fine. The sugared wrapper was obvious but it was the taste that was excellent. It tasted just like a spicy cinnamon, hot chocolate. It had the bitter sweet nuances of a chocolate and the spicy herbal taste like cinnamon or nutmeg. The cigar picked up a toasty taste in the middle, but finished how it started. The different tastes and smells really made this cigar one of the best Acids. My only complaint is that it is very straight forward with its tastes; it is a lot of flavor at once. The smoke itself is also worthy of noting. It has a pleasant smoke that people around me enjoyed for its sweet nuances.

I loved it and can’t wait to score some more. Some of the subcultures are harder to find but some online retailers carry older blends. Good job Drew and overall I give this cigar a sweet 8.5 of 10.

Question for YOU: What is your favorite Acid cigar?!