Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cigar Review: Ashton

My one friend raves about Ashtons, so I decided to pick one up from the local shop. It had a great construction very smooth wrapper, almost blemish free. Great draw, and literally a perfect burn. It was a perfect circle all the way down to the very very end. The Ashton was a great mild-medium smoke. It was smooth and toasty, with some sweet nutty flavours. It had a lite amount of spice but it was just the right blend of complex flavours. I was really impressed. Everything about this cigar was awesome! I can't even think about what was wrong with it. My only complaint and maybe it is not even a complaint, it didn't really have a long finish. it also didn't leave that smokey ash taste in my mouth so I cant complain there either!

I am really going to give this one a 10 of 10. Cant complain about perfect! As a side note though, others might not like it as much as me, but I usually go for mild smokes, so this is great for a guy like myself!

**Note: one of my readers informed me I had a Montecristo picture up on this post. My bad guys! I got my pics confused in uploading, thanks for informing me though!

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A Cigar Cake!

Everybody loves cake, especially cigar guys! So when a true cigar lover needs a cake, this is what happens. I was at a surprise party for the owner of Gibbs Butcher Block in Columbia, Ohio and I was ecstatic at the sight of this culinary creation. The cake was made with modeling chocolate and had the candles at the foot of the cigars. So when you lit the candles it looked like you were lighting up the cigars! How cool is that!? It was a huge hit and everybody loved it. I now have an idea for my wedding! Ha like the fiancĂ©e will ever let that happen….

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cigar Review: CAO American

The CAO America…what a good idea! Cigars are great for celebrating and what could be better than celebrating with a good old American Cigar!? This was actually a pretty strong cigar. I was expecting a little less but this was a lot stronger than I anticipated. I would put it right in between medium and full on its taste. The two different wrappers really added a nice touch. It is like when a whisky distillery uses both a sherry and bourbon cask for their dram. It really brings out both flavors and blends them at the same time. You could taste the pepper of the maduro right off the bat, then the creamy nutty Connecticut wrapper to finish and mellow it out. Unfortunately the maduro won every time. I am a Connecticut guy and prefer it to a maduro, but it still made for an interesting smoke. The overall presentation and construction of the cigar was excellent. It had an average draw, great burn, and minimal blemishes. It had a nice cedar smell and tasted of pepper and a little sweet nut. I have always liked CAO and their “country” lines have yet to disappoint! Overall, I give this one an 8 of 10. It could have used a little more complexity with the other wrapper; it felt dominated by the maduro.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cigar Review: Rocky Patel MM Fusion

I decided that the double maduro was due because I liked the normal RP Fusion so much. There are some very huge differences between these two cigars. The MM is very spicy, bold and had a harder draw. I really liked the normal Fusion and this was a nice change if you like spicy strong cigars. I do not particularly care for such a strong cigar, but it was a great smoke none the less. It took me and a buddy a good hour to smoke, this was from the slightly hard draw and its bold taste. We took our time and respected this cigar for being a little bit bold and it was more enjoyable when we slowed down a bit. Its taste actually intensified as it burned. It was very pungent and spicy. The interesting thing about this cigar was its amazing smell. Before lighting, it smelled of a very earthy damp wood. Almost like a dewy morning in the woods. It was great! I wish that smell could have stayed around when we lit it up and started smoking it, but still a hint of that smell in the smoke. This cigar was very different than its Fusion brother, sort of like its mean bully big brother! The cigar had a great construction, very bold taste, great smell, longer draw, average burn, and a spicy finish. Overall, I would give this one a 7 of 10, for I am not a spice guy.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cigar Review: Acid Opulence 3

I love this cigar, it isn't some fling or summer romance. This is a deep, take a bullet for you, love. It is a tasting journey, not just an experience, and not just a good cigar. It starts off strong and sweet, with it's creamy smoke and slight spice. The finish is a blend of the sweet and earthy tastes, then the smoke starts to linger... The smoke wafts above your head, and you almost don't want it to go away! Great smoke, they took sweet Acids and made the actual filler stronger and it creates a great blend of strength and taste! Well here is the bio...

"Opulence 3 sports a jet-black, oily maduro wrapper from San Andres, Mexico that provides a rich and creamy character with a pronounced sweet nuance noticeable in the finish. This wrapper is perfectly balanced with a hearty blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos grown in Esteli, where some of the strongest Nicaraguan tobacco is grown. These tobaccos were harvested in three separate crop years including 2005, 2006, and 2007, making Opulence a rare, incredibly limited treat. Not only is the cigar infused with oils and botanicals chosen by Jonathan Drew himself, but also each individual leaf is infused to provide a full-flavored, uniquely enjoyable experience each time this cigar is lit. We really enjoy Opulence 3 here at In fact, this blend may be the best ACID created to date!"

Overall, I give this cigar a 9.5 of 10. It isn't the absolute best construction or burn, but it has a great draw, and it does have a great taste! Love it...
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Cigar Review: CAO MX2

Ahhhh, this little gem was everything I hoped for. It was thick and spicy, but still retained a little sweet in the smoke. I wouldn't go for this cigar after a big meal or recommend it to a new cigar smoker. It is stronger, not quite full bodied smoke. The peppery finish is what would turn people away. It is not like dumping a shaker on your tongue, but it is definitely there. Smooth burn and GREAT presentation. CAO does a great job with their wrappers and construction not to mention their really cool and edgy labels. I still think the LX2 is a more complex cigar but this one still brings something to the table. I give it a 8 of 10.

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