Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cigar Review: CAO American

The CAO America…what a good idea! Cigars are great for celebrating and what could be better than celebrating with a good old American Cigar!? This was actually a pretty strong cigar. I was expecting a little less but this was a lot stronger than I anticipated. I would put it right in between medium and full on its taste. The two different wrappers really added a nice touch. It is like when a whisky distillery uses both a sherry and bourbon cask for their dram. It really brings out both flavors and blends them at the same time. You could taste the pepper of the maduro right off the bat, then the creamy nutty Connecticut wrapper to finish and mellow it out. Unfortunately the maduro won every time. I am a Connecticut guy and prefer it to a maduro, but it still made for an interesting smoke. The overall presentation and construction of the cigar was excellent. It had an average draw, great burn, and minimal blemishes. It had a nice cedar smell and tasted of pepper and a little sweet nut. I have always liked CAO and their “country” lines have yet to disappoint! Overall, I give this one an 8 of 10. It could have used a little more complexity with the other wrapper; it felt dominated by the maduro.

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