Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cigar Review: Acid Opulence 3

I love this cigar, it isn't some fling or summer romance. This is a deep, take a bullet for you, love. It is a tasting journey, not just an experience, and not just a good cigar. It starts off strong and sweet, with it's creamy smoke and slight spice. The finish is a blend of the sweet and earthy tastes, then the smoke starts to linger... The smoke wafts above your head, and you almost don't want it to go away! Great smoke, they took sweet Acids and made the actual filler stronger and it creates a great blend of strength and taste! Well here is the bio...

"Opulence 3 sports a jet-black, oily maduro wrapper from San Andres, Mexico that provides a rich and creamy character with a pronounced sweet nuance noticeable in the finish. This wrapper is perfectly balanced with a hearty blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos grown in Esteli, where some of the strongest Nicaraguan tobacco is grown. These tobaccos were harvested in three separate crop years including 2005, 2006, and 2007, making Opulence a rare, incredibly limited treat. Not only is the cigar infused with oils and botanicals chosen by Jonathan Drew himself, but also each individual leaf is infused to provide a full-flavored, uniquely enjoyable experience each time this cigar is lit. We really enjoy Opulence 3 here at In fact, this blend may be the best ACID created to date!"

Overall, I give this cigar a 9.5 of 10. It isn't the absolute best construction or burn, but it has a great draw, and it does have a great taste! Love it...
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