Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cigar Review: Ashton

My one friend raves about Ashtons, so I decided to pick one up from the local shop. It had a great construction very smooth wrapper, almost blemish free. Great draw, and literally a perfect burn. It was a perfect circle all the way down to the very very end. The Ashton was a great mild-medium smoke. It was smooth and toasty, with some sweet nutty flavours. It had a lite amount of spice but it was just the right blend of complex flavours. I was really impressed. Everything about this cigar was awesome! I can't even think about what was wrong with it. My only complaint and maybe it is not even a complaint, it didn't really have a long finish. it also didn't leave that smokey ash taste in my mouth so I cant complain there either!

I am really going to give this one a 10 of 10. Cant complain about perfect! As a side note though, others might not like it as much as me, but I usually go for mild smokes, so this is great for a guy like myself!

**Note: one of my readers informed me I had a Montecristo picture up on this post. My bad guys! I got my pics confused in uploading, thanks for informing me though!

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