Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cigar Review: Rocky Patel MM Fusion

I decided that the double maduro was due because I liked the normal RP Fusion so much. There are some very huge differences between these two cigars. The MM is very spicy, bold and had a harder draw. I really liked the normal Fusion and this was a nice change if you like spicy strong cigars. I do not particularly care for such a strong cigar, but it was a great smoke none the less. It took me and a buddy a good hour to smoke, this was from the slightly hard draw and its bold taste. We took our time and respected this cigar for being a little bit bold and it was more enjoyable when we slowed down a bit. Its taste actually intensified as it burned. It was very pungent and spicy. The interesting thing about this cigar was its amazing smell. Before lighting, it smelled of a very earthy damp wood. Almost like a dewy morning in the woods. It was great! I wish that smell could have stayed around when we lit it up and started smoking it, but still a hint of that smell in the smoke. This cigar was very different than its Fusion brother, sort of like its mean bully big brother! The cigar had a great construction, very bold taste, great smell, longer draw, average burn, and a spicy finish. Overall, I would give this one a 7 of 10, for I am not a spice guy.

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