Friday, November 20, 2009

Cigar Review: Playboy by Altadis

I can honestly say the only reason I got this one was for its "prestigious" company logo. I completely fell to their marketing scheme, O' well it is an interesting attempt none the less!

The cigar was basically average, nothing great but also not terrible. It smelled pretty normal, nothing special there. There was no interesting accents to the normal earthy tobacco smell. The construction was pretty good actually, and the burn was average with a few spots that needed care while smoking. The taste was spice-less and nutty. The intensity of the smoke changed a bit from the beginning to end with the best part in the middle of the smoke, the ending was too rough and didn't really go down well. It tasted chemically and all together unrefined. The finish throughout smoking was mild and pleasant with a dull earthy taste. There really wasn't much going on here. No particular tastes or smells, nothing extraordinary in the finish. It was just a regular cigar...with a Playboy Logo! I had a hard time smoking it because I was trying to find tastes that weren't there. I am so used to the complexity of some of the Graycliffs, CAO's, and Ghurkas that I was disappointed in the cigar's complexity. O well, in my quest to try all cigars I guess I will run into a few of these. But hey, now I can say I smoked a Playboy Cigar! Overall this cigar got a 6 of 10.
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cigar Review: Joya de Nicaragua CelebraciĆ³n

I actually received this cigar in a box set with Drew Estate cigars. The Joya was an extra addition to the set, plus it came with an ash tray. I received 10 cigars and an ash tray for 40 bucks from , not too bad! Well back to the cigar, it was pretty good! It had a great construction and draw. The size I received was a little small but packed full of flavor. It was a little spicy and sweet at first. As it burned, it definitely developed a very earthy taste, but still smooth. It was in the full to medium body range. I say that because it starts off a medium and then really gets going as you smoke it. I liked it but some of my friends thought it was too bold. They didn't think it was too strong, just too bold of a taste. I don't know if I am going to actively seek more of these out, but I would defiantly smoke it again. It just seemed to have a little to unrefined of a taste. Anyway, read up on their website. They have a very interesting history and story. Overall I give this little guy a 7 of 10.

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