Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Old World Reserve

I smoked a Rocky Patel Old World last night with a few good buddies and wow. This cigar is a throw back to the taste of cigars years ago and the one I had was a maduro, but they are available in Corojo as well. It was not the best cigar I have ever had but it was perfect for a cool summer night. It was not overly strong, right in the middle but full of flavor. It was not peppery but also not bland, not sweet but not to dry. It had earthy notes, mocha notes, and oaky notes. It was a orchestra of every aspect of a good cigar. Nothing particularly stood out but nothing overwhelmed you either. It was a perfect after dinner smoke amongst friend. It was a memorable night, especially since I have not seen these guys for quite a while. We ended up going back to campus and chilling with a few guys holding an event for freshman. Well the Greek Advisor decided we were banded from our own campus and kicked us out. We were not talking to freshman or even went in the building, I wanted to throw this in there for any BW students reading this! You know who I am talking about and I am amazed that someone that unprofessional actually has a job! Anyway great cigar, great night, 8 of 10!
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