Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cigar Review: Perdomo Reserve Golf

This was a recommendation from a buddy of mine and well really good! He said he used to smoke them when he had to drive a long way to stay awake and I believe that! It is a great tasting and smelling cigar, not to crazy too smoke in a car either. This is the cigar bio,

"Perdomo Reserve Limited Edition Golf features an Ecuadorian Connecticut-shade wrapper, aged for 5 years, which conceals a complex blend of Nicaraguan long-filler. The cigar is smooth, mellow, and aromatic – offering thick clouds of creamy smoke that produce nuances of coffee, cedar and a slight spice masked by underlying hints of sugar. The construction is impeccable, offering a slow and even burn that is consistent from box to box. Make no mistake, this cigar is a “hole-in-one.”

Well this this really was a hole in one. It was mild to medium and a great sweet oaky taste. It had a great coffee after taste with that ever so slight spice. I didn't really notice the spice but I did a little more toward the end of the smoke. All in all a great cigar with a little twist from traditional to sweet, I give it am 8 of 10!

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