Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cigar Bid

Ok I figured I would share this site with you all for it is truly great! Other than Cigar.com I really really like cigarbid.com. It is basically ebay for cigars, but the old ebay. The ebay where there were actually still auctions not all the buy it now junk. This is a great place because for the most part if you want to win an item and still want to pay under what it is actually worth, you can do it. I have got some amazing deals on their. I got some really nice Xikar products for half the retail price. I got an Xi2 cutter for only twenty bucks and a new humidor for 22. Plus for actual cigars, the deals are good and the shipping facility is in PA which is one state over so my shipping times are short! I just figured this was worth sharing seeing that I just won two Acid Opulence 3's for 5 bucks total! Check it and don't do what I did. I bid on everything thinking there is no way I can get them that cheap. Well I ended up winning a lot of those items, now I am broke!

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