Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scotch Review: Glenfiddich 15

I had my cousin over from West Point and we had a little Whisky/Whiskey tasting party! He had heard of Glenfiddich. He had the 12 at a bar, and he said it was ok. I agree there is nothing special about the 12, that is why I got the 15! If you haven't noticed I love sweet and complex Scotch's and the Glen 15 is exactly that. It is very sweet yet a little unrefined and powerful, like a stronger tasting Dalwhinnie or Mac.

Color: dark gold, burnt umber
Nose: spices, sweet honey and maybe a little dried fruit or apple
Palate: sweet honey with a spiced apple, very complex and a little overpowering almost as if it is trying to hard to make a vibrant taste
Finish: it has a nice long warm finish with that spicy honey lingering and the liquid itself is very chewy and thick, the fruit nuances disappear a little too quickly

This is a great drink and it is a million times more complex than the 12. I was always a little leery of Glenfiddich but this one was pretty good! It wasn't very smooth with the flavors, coming at you fast, there was no nice flow to it. Still no Macallan...The interesting vat methods on this one do add a little something that set it apart. Go to Glenfiddich's website to read more about it! I would give this sweet and strong Scotch a 7 of 10.

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