Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cigar Review: Acid Blondie

I revisited an old friend of mine, the Acid Remi's. The blondie is part of the Remi line (blue) and a very complex mellow smoke. They smell great and taste amazing. They have that pleasant sweet wrapper and very complex smoke that is a great taste of vanilla-like spices. No Acid is overwhelming and the blues are particularly mild but still enjoyable if you aren't expecting a knock out. I can never complain about the first half of any Acid cigar. As always, I get that chemical-ly taste right before the cigar is about 3/4 burnt. I know cigars taste a little different when the burning foot gets closer to the head because of temperature and what not, but all the flavoured Acids seem to have that chemical zing. Some people may enjoy it but to me it seems like a metallic taste and its not my favorite. All in all, still a good smoke and I love the journey my tastes buds go on. They offer such an unusual experience to cigars and for that they should be respected, not mocked. I see so many posts on cigar sites bashing Acids, and for what?! Think about it... I give this cigar a 6 of 10.
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