Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cigar Review: Rocky Patel I-Press

I got this little guy for my cousin after a gun show. I read that it had a slow burn and a creamy wood smoke with a little touch of earthy notes and spice. So we sat outside and let her rip! Here is the bio

"I-Press is made from all aged Nicaraguan long fillers bound in a rich Honduran binder. The combination of these tobaccos brings forth a medium to full body that is complex and incredibly flavorful. The blend is completed with a dark, oily, maduro wrapper that adds a pleasant sweetness with some earthy undertones.Due to its box-press, I-Press has a conservative draw with a slow burn and the flavors produced are very rich. The cigar itself is complex with some spice noticeable in the rear of the palate. Like all Rocky Patel cigars, I-Press is well constructed and guaranteed to satisfy."

Well as advertised, sort of hard draw but it made it last quite a long time. It was really rich and full of flavour. I'm a huge spice guy but it had a great full body to it. Even on that windy day you could see the smoke lingering around you. I give this press an 8 of 10!

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  1. This is a high quality cigar which, to me, would be a great one to teach a new cigar smoker a best flavor profile. The scent of the cigar is a very pungeant tabcco flavor. It stinks so good.


  2. The cigar smoked perfectly once I started covering the hole, producing prodigious clouds of velvety, grey-blue smoke. Also, The burn was a bit uneven but required no correction.