Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cigar Review: Natural Robusto

Here is probably one of the most under rated cigars of the underrated cigars. This being Drew Estate's Natural. The natural is a combination of many different region's tobacco and a delicious blend of different flavours. Here is the copy:

"When people think about tobacco they really
limit themselves to the major tobacco growing countries like the Dominican Republic,Honduras, and Nicaragua. What most people fail to realize, is that great tobacco is grown and cultivated all over the world. Typically rare African, Himalayan and boutique tobaccos are grown in short supply making them both rare and unique. The limitations on the quantity of this tobacco makes it something that deters most cigar makers. However, where most cigar makers see difficulty, Drew Estate sees opportunity. The Natural line utilizes up to 15 different tobaccos when blending the various sizes. These tobaccos come from all corners of the globe. When these tobaccos are mixed with the premium long filler Nicaraguan tobacco and crafted by the expert rollers at Drew Estate, the result is a cigar unlike anything anyone has ever encountered. This all-natural blend is a must try for any cigar enthusiast."

It is a slightly sweet sugared wrapper but with a more natural taste and smoke to it. It is very mild but its flavour is so appealing you would have to be tasteless to not enjoy it! It is a very light and smooth mocha. For anyone that read my previous post about Dalwhinnie 15, this would be the cigar counterpart. It is very mild but packed full of flavour and it had no annoying after-taste. The Acid's by Drew just have that chemical after-taste, the Natural decided to tone it down and did a great job! Its burn and draw were perfect the whole smoke through and I would definitely buy another. Great smoke, appeals to guys like me who love both ends of the cigar spectrum. I give this great every day cigar a 7 of 10!
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