Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cigar Review:Java

This is one of my all time favorites, it is a perfect after dinner cigar. The Java is actually a collaboration between Drew Estate and Rocky Patel. Their master cigar minds have come up with this treat! Here is what has to say;

"Java is one of the more recent Drew Estate concoctions. Coffee and cigars have been long time compliments, but Java really puts a new twist on this taste with a medium-bodied blend that has strong espresso notes with hints of chocolate. While the cigar has dominating flavors, it still maintains much of its premium tobacco qualities from its Nicaraguan fillers. The secret to this balance is the infusion process Drew Estate uses in making their cigars."

When looking at its unique box press you are instantly aware of its unique qualities. It has a slightly sweetened wrapper but nothing that noticeable, more like a little taster to enjoy before you get that creamy smoke into your mouth. The draw and burn was perfect for me and the taste is very complex. It is a mild creamy caramel and espresso, this would be like rolling up a good cappuccino and smoking it!Obviously that can't happen but Rocky and Drew have come real close! I recommend this cigar to everyone including those who don't smoke just because it is that good! Also, this little gem is only around 6 bucks! I give this cigar an 9 of 10!

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