Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cigar Review: Java Maduro

Sweet and mellow dark chocolate...That is exactly how I would describe the Java Maduro by Drew Estate and Rocky Patel. I reviewed the Java Connecticut shade earlier and I have to say I really like them both. The maduro is made with a sweet Brazilian maduro wrapper. It makes the flavor seem a little more bold and earthy. It is exactly like comparing milk chocolate to dark chocolate . I really like both cigars, it is hard to tell you  which one I prefer more. I would say the maduro is a more enjoyable on a cold winter night after a rich meal. The Java Connecticut is great for that after work treat! That is how I would compare them! The actual cigar itself is amazing.

The cigar had stellar construction, a medium slow burning draw, and a great overall presentation. Upon lighting you are pleasantly surprised by how mellow the taste is. It is a little stronger than the other Java cigar but offers a little more in complexity. It really takes on the espresso taste a little after an inch of burning. After this, it offers a deep chocolate and oaky taste. Towards the nub I started to notice the tiniest peppery finish. It was great, a little bit of everything, yet not too much. It was a really good cigar and I can't wait to smoke the others. They would make a great gift for others too. They are not very strong or offensive and can be given to anybody. The more experienced cigar smokers will enjoy its complexity and the novices can still love that great chocolate taste. Overall I give this one a 9.1 of 10, that is .1 higher than the lighter Java because I think the maduro version offers a touch more complexity! mmmmmmm tasty...
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