Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cigar Review: Tatiana Mocha

I really like the Drew Estate Tabak Especial and the Java, so I decided to try another flavored cigar like those two. I decided on the Tatiana Mocha. It looked great and sounded delicious! When it arrived it was dark and heavy, very well made and had a great label and presentation. I couldn’t wait to smoke it!

It cut well and lit fairly easily. I noticed something interesting right away. It burned very strangely. It had a light colored ash, a very faint tan compared to a normal ash color. It was one layer of ash though, the other layers of the cigar ashed normally, it was just this one layer that burned a tan color. It tasted great initially, very faint traces of that mocha and it was very smooth. It was very enjoyable. As it got towards the middle the cigar, it really took on a nice mocha/chocolate flavor and was great. Compared to the Tabak, it was a little less flavored and more mellow. I then started to notice something very strange. It had a blue color to some parts as it burned?! It was that chemical blue that you get when you burn magazines! It freaked me out a little bit, not only am I exposing myself to burnt tobacco but now there are strange burning chemicals?! Not cool. Anyway the flavor started to get a little dull and chemically as well. Similar to the nub end of Acids. Acid cigars are great till the very end where they get a peculiar chemical taste. The Tatiana followed the same path. It had some burn problems as well and was very hard to keep going.

Overall, I give this cigar a 6 of 10. It had a great beginning and end, with a smooth mocha taste but the burn problems really took away from my experience. I was also a little freaked out by the blue hue that the ash took on. I hope my second picture portrayed that! I probably will not purchase again. I will stick with my Java’s and Tabaks when it comes to chocolaty cigars!

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