Friday, September 21, 2012

Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Sungrown

Everything is better in the sun. Cold beer, volleyball, bikinis! So there is no reason why this Rocky Patel Sun Grown wouldn't be delicious.

Now the name "sun grown" can be a little misleading. All tobacco needs sun and is therefore grown in the sun (kind of).You can also grow tobacco in the shade. It still gets sun but not direct light. The difference is that shade grown is generally smoother and a little more bitter. The sun grown leaves develop a little rougher skin and have more veins. This direct sunlight also makes them sweeter though. Got it? But enough cigar babble. What about the cigar?

The cigar itself is made from a 5 year old Ecuadorian wrapper with Dominican binders and Dominican/Nicaraguan fillers. All masterfully blended by the fellas at RP.

Now to the smoking! The wrapper was ok, little veiny but that is ok (see above). The cut, light, and first puff all went off with out a hitch. That first puff was a bit of a pleasant surprise. Really bold tastes here. A little spiciness out of the gate, then mellows out real earthy like, then fades with a rich, sweet molasses kick. Wow! That was one hell of a first puff. Are you drooling yet? You should be. The thick sweet smoke swirled around me and I tell you, that was close to paradise (unfortunately I was sitting on a porch and not a sunny beach). Maybe next time...

Sun-grown, night-smoked
The important thing to remember here; this cigar rocks! From the first puff to the slightly spicier last, you will be longing for more.  Perfectly blended, great flavors, and a perfect finish. Man, how can you get any better? Well other than a little nicer wrapper and maybe a little more punch, you can't. I give this Rocky middleweight a strong 8 out of 10. On a beach with sun and cold beer, 10 out of 10. Done deal Rocky, done deal

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