Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scotch Review: THE Macallan 12

Ok guys here is another Scotch review...THE Macallan 12 year, probably one of my favorites of all time! So lets get right to it!

Color: Rich gold, russet
Nose: first off this is one of the best smelling drams in all the land! It starts off with hints of dried fruit and apricot, then moves to a sweetness of sherry and a weak smokey smell lingers after that...AMAZING. Most Scotchs I need to sniff 2-3 times to get that great smell but the first sniff is great and the rest make it even better!

Palate: It tastes of a spicy gingery fruit then very noticeable tastes of honey! By far one of my favorites! The Sherry Casks really comes through here.

Balance/Finish:They say that it finishes with toffee but I get a caramel linger and all that fruit and spicy smoke!

Ok for anyone who doesn't drink Scotch TRY THIS ONE! Its sweet and great and well...amazing and better than some of the 20 year drams I have had.

Also check out the Macallan webpage, it is really cool! They have decided to market with more luxurious brands like watches. It is a really cool idea of co branding and making The Macallan seem like the classiest if the Scotchs! I give this favorite of mine a 8.5 of 10!
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