Friday, June 19, 2009

Cigar Review: Acid 5

I had the opportunity to smoke an Acid 5 by Drew Estate the other day. It is a 12 dollar premium hand rolled cigar. Here is the description from

"ACID 5 was released to celebrate ACID"s fifth
anniversary. Each cigar contains premium, Nicaraguan long fillers that are bound by a light, seamless Connecticut wrapper. As with all ACID brand cigars, this blend has also been through Drew Estate’s infusion process, making it very complex. In addition, ACID 5 has also been aged for five years, depleting the tobaccos of any acidic nuances allowing for a full-flavored, yet smooth medium-bodied blend."

When I cut it and tested the draw it had a perfect draw. The one thing I do love about Acid's is the complex sweet flavored wrappers. It is also what turns away more traditional cigar smokers. Don't get me wrong I love a traditional medium cigar, but there is just something unique about some of the better Acids. My other post about Drew Estate cigars goes into this a little further. Upon lighting the 5, I was pleasantly surprised to see it burned almost perfectly. It was crazy, it burned into a solid mass almost. You couldn't see the layers of tobacco in the ashed end, it just all fused together. Like advertised it was a very smooth smoke that just seemed to roll out of your mouth. It's sweet wrapper was complimented by the pleasant woody tasting smoke. The wrapper was not too sweet and found the right balance for a great cigar. It was excellent and smoked great the whole way through. Excellent smoke, probably great with a coffee or better yet, Scotch!

My only complaint being the traditional Acid "funk". Almost every Acid I have smoked always gets this funky chemical taste towards the last of the cigar, when it starts to really heat up. It is not terrible but I don't like it. I use matches and clean butane so I know it is not that. I also have a separate humidor for my Acids. It is probably all the flavours he infuses into the cigar. I don't personally like the aftertaste, but as I mentioned, it is not terrible. Just not my favorite ending to a great cigar! I give this cigar a 7 of 10, great smoke till the end.

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