Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Drew Estate Cigar Rant

For anyone familiar with Drew Estate Cigars, this is for you. I know a lot of people bash his cigars for being "fake" and girly cigars, but they are truly remarkable. All you traditional smokers should thank him, he is bringing thousands of non-cigar smokers into the industry. Who cares right?! Most people just don't smoke one kind of cigar their whole lives, they like to try others. So by getting people that wouldn't normally smoke cigars into the fold, it is only boosting your favorite companies in the long run. Most Drew Estate smokers end up trying different things anyway. I know I did. Funny thing is, I then developed a taste for a more traditional smoke and moved to the Rocky Patels and CAO. I do really enjoy Drew's traditional lines though, like the Liga Privada 9, Chateau Real, and La Vieja Havana. I will post reviews on those cigars at a later date.

I started with his Acid Line because they just smell amazing! Plus they made cigars look modern and sleek. From the wrapper to the actual Acid logo it just screams new, fast, and hot. Other Cigar brands feature old Spanish names with very bland packaging and wrappers. CAO is a little better but for the most part Acids are a very unique looking cigar.

For the other smokers who say Drew's cigars are fake, think of this. A lemon flavored beer is still a beer, a spiced cigar is still a cigar and once again it is a great way for newbies to start, thus bolstering the whole industry. So enjoy those smokes and keep reading as I will have details on more smokes later! What Drew Estate has done for cigars is amazing, he has changed the way people look at them. It is no longer just an old man's hobby. It is for the young, the old, the middle aged, and even women! He continually pushes the boundaries on cigars and his concoctions are usually great. Plus how he markets those cigars is second to none in the industry. His logo of a sports bike says it all...

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  1. I really like the acid cigars by Drew Estate. I prefer the acid kuba kuba the most. But I guess I am one of those "newbies" ;-)

  2. Its ok i still think they are great!