Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cigar Review: La Vieja Habana the Early Years

Last night I tried another Drew Estate Cigar but his one being a much more traditional smoke, La Vieja Habana. For anyone that hasn't tried some of Drew's more traditional lines, you are missing out! These are some great under rated cigars. The cigar world is finally giving them some credit. I saw that his Chateau Real received an 88 or 89 rating and the Liga is AMAZING. Many of his other cigars have not been rated and that is unfair to the great cigars he makes. Here is the description from;

La Vieja Habana - The Early Years are exceptional cigars. The blend consists solely of superlative tobaccos grown in the dark, fertile soil of Nicaragua. This filler is concealed by a beautiful, oily Nicaraguan-grown maduro wrapper, which creates a full-bodied character offering notes of coffee, mocha, and tons of earthy flavors. The finish is long and leaves an enjoyable hint of pepper on the palate, without becoming too spicy. Incredibly complex and very rich, The Early Years are a must try for all enthusiasts looking for a strong, flavorful blend under the Drew Estate flag.

I did not notice the mocha, like the description says but I loved the cigar. The first thing you will notice is that it was heavy!? There was a ton of tobacco packed into that baby. It had a tight draw, but I would expect that due to what I'm sure was a pound of tobacco! It had a sweet oaky taste to it. It was a little peppery at the end and had a great lingering spicy/sweet taste. I really liked this medium-full cigar and I'm a fan of milder cigars. It was a great smoke. I am curious to see what the Habana's are like now. That was an Early Years blend, there are two types. I know the Early Years are more premium but I bet its little cousin is pretty good as well! Enjoy this one after a good meal with a coffee! I give this full smoke a 7 of 10.
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