Monday, March 25, 2013

Cigar Review: C+C Maduro

It's Monday, the weekend is over. Your're back at work. This sucks. You get slammed all day at work (hopefully not literally) and all you want to do is come home, and relax. You want a nice, easy going stick that doesn't remind you that you just dropped some serious $$$'s on a cigar. Try the C+C Maduro. Cheap, smooth, and awesome with whisky!

You can find this little fella for about $5 a stick at Stogie Boys. Not bad. I don't really know much about C+C, but it is a decent smoke for that price. I prefer the Maduro, but the Corojo was rated well too.

The wrapper quality was ok. Nothing fancy, some veins and blemishes. You get what you pay for. The actual cigar was good though. It burned great and had a nice easy draw. I got the robusto so it was just the right length for a Monday night. It's nutty earth tones were clear from the start. The easy-going cigar finished off with a little spice, like nutmeg. Not what I expected for a maduro.

Want to turn it up a notch? Pair it with a great Whisky. There are a few trains of thought here:

1. Pair a cigar with another smokey taste.
2. Pair a cigar with a taste that compliments it.
3. Pair a cigar with a taste that contrasts it.

I prefer number two. I picked Highland Park 12 year for this. It is sweet, but not too sweet like Dalwhinnie. The HP finishes with a great smoky taste, so it is definitely a compliment. If you wanna be a manly man, try a Cohiba with Laphroaig. It's like sucking down a burning peat bog.

The cigar itself was ok, but the experience was perfect. All you have to do with a basic cigar is pair them right and they will tastes like something 3x thier worth. And that's how you cure a case of the Mondays.

Overall, this cigar gets an average 7 of 10 but makes a great booze buddy.

Questions for YOU: What is your favorite cigar/booze combo!?

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