Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cigar Rights- Support Them!

You should have the choice to do what you love. If smoking cigars is what you love, support that right!

This guy is sweet!

A small and loud group of people are infringing on our rights to enjoy. Restrictive legislative measures are hurting the industry and this will affect us, the smokers, in short time.

Yes smoking isn’t the healthiest activity but neither is eating cake. Hang with me here. Cake is a great way to eat a ton of fatty calories. Cake is full of saturated fats, cholesterol, sugars, chemicals, and all sorts of nasty (but tasty) things. This can lead to heart disease, obesity, diabetes …etc. Yet there is no regulation on cake. Why my analogy? Because we as consumers and citizens, should have the right to determine what we consume.

Political parties aside, the government telling us what to eat or smoke, is wrong. Good news though, there are interest groups out there to fight for your right to choose. I am a proud member of Cigar Rights of America and you should be too. Let professional lobbyists fight for your rights, but nothing is free. There is a small yearly due of $35 bucks that goes to political actions on your behalf. It is worth every penny if you ask me. Vote with your dollars as small issues like this can often be overlooked, but can have big consequences.

Like all indulgences, it is about moderation. A cigar here and there (which is what most cigar smokers do) isn’t any unhealthier than cake every now and again. Either way, we should be able to choose what we want and should be able to protect the industry that makes us our fine cigars. Cigar Rights of America , join now and get a few freebies too!

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