Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cigar Review: Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro

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Anyway back to the cigar at hand, the Perdomo Lot 23. I sampled the maduro cigar from this long standing company. Originally founded in Cuba, they have not forgotten their roots and this cigar is proof.

The leathery maduro wrapper was in great shape and the construction was generally blemish free. Cutting and lighting went off without a hitch, and you immediately got that rich, chewy smoke. I love a maduro that isn't too earthy and has a little sweetness on the finish. That is the kind of maduro that makes me one happy camper. Now I can't say this cigar has exactly that, but it's close.  The cigar starts with a rich deep flavor, then turns a little sharp like cedar. It then eases into a sweet brown sugary finish. It was a clean taste though. I will say the first third was a tad sour till it warmed up in the second third. A little heat really brought out the rich flavor Perdomo's are known for. This cigar uses Cuban seed Corojo & Criollo fillers/binders grown in Nicaragua, and I think that is why you get that nice blend of flavors.

Man, it is cigars like these that make you feel like a king. When you realize you only spent 5 bucks, it only makes it better! Perdomo made a good one here. Maybe I will review the Connecticut shade later too. This cigar earned a respectable 7.5 outta 10. That sour start is my only complaint.

Perdomo Lot 23- Smoke like a rich guy!

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