Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cigar Review: Graycliff Crystal Edicion Limitada 2010

Special edition, for a special cigar! This cigar is part of the 2010 limited release from Graycliff. That makes me sad really, I like the limited editions so much I hope they make it a standard offering.

Now to the cigar! The cigar is wrapped in an oily Habano Oscuro leaf and uses bold Cameroon binders. The long fillers are smooth Nicaraguan and Honduran leaves. This mix of tobacco really creates a great smoking experience and one that will surely impress!

Upon Lighting you notice its sweet heavy smoke, as it lingers you get a soft leathery smell. The cigar was sweet and mellow with lots of coffee and graham cracker nuances. It was a little light but very smooth. It is smoother than its red label edicion limitada brother . I actually liked this cigar a little better. The taste was very different and if I had to choose between the two limited editions, I would pick this cigar. I just had a nicer smoking experience with it. It was not perfect though. It did suffer a few burn problems, but it was just minor unevenness. The finish was just like the rest of the cigar, sweet and smooth. It had a little pepper on the palate but nothing too noticeable. This was a cigar I couldn't put down. Burnt my fingers a little….worth it though!

Overall I give this elegant and creamy Graycliff creation a solid 9 of 10. Definitely pick one of these up! Or like 20…

Questions for YOU: Have you tried any limited editions cigars this year?

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