Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whiskey Essentials: Madison Ave Whiskey Glasses (From Mad Men)

For all you Mad Men fans, these are a must have! These whiskey glasses were created just because of the AMC hit series about advertising men in the 1960's. The main character, Don Drapper, is an advertising executive and a big fan of his rye whiskey. Now you can sit back and watch the enthralling series with a glass of great whiskey in your authentic Madison Ave Whiskey Glasses.

After watching the show and receiving my set, they are identical and it is really cool to see Don drinking from the very glass you hold in your hand! Even for all you non-Mad Men fans, these glasses are great. They are thick and have a good weight to them. The silver band around the top really makes them pop. They are perfect for an Old Fashioned where you need to swirl the simple syrup around the glass as you build the drink. So there you have it! You may not be a millionaire advertising ladie's man of the 1960's but you can drink like one....

Question for YOU: What is your favorite glass for whisky? Share a link to the site too!

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