Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whisky Review: Cardhu 12 Year

Oops! This malt and particularly their distillery made a mistake. The mistake was not remaking this dram sooner! Remaking you ask? Cardhu actually had a single malt but through some acquisitions and buyouts their single malt was turned into a blend and mass produced. Well in 2006 Cardhu relaunched their single malt in this 12 year old whisky. Good thing too!

Color: Pale Straw to pale gold
Nose: pear and syrup
Body: thin and mouth warming
Palate: brown sugar and honey, predominately 
Finish: quick and spicy, like cinnamon

Delish! This whisky is a short little kick in the mouth (like a midget kick). It is a little watery and not very complex but the flavor is good and very enjoyable. The sugary pear is a great smell and the sweet taste really makes for a nice drink. Unfortunately that is about it. It fades with a spicy cinnamon which is nice and pleasant but very quick. As soon as your mouth is starting to enjoy its vacation, it fades. Bummer. It is really good though while it lasts. This dram is a good Speyside and a smooth whisky for someone new to Scotch. I really liked it, but it didn't blow my mind. I will probably keep one of these in the collection though. The price was pretty good too, around $40. Cant complain there. I am very glad that Cardhu came back to their senses and started producing a single malt again! Nobody wants to be a blend.... It just isn't cool. So, I give this whisky a respectable 7 of  10. 

Question for YOU: Have you had the Cardhu blend and how does it compare to the Single Malt?

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