Sunday, May 6, 2012

Scotch Review: Glenkinchie 12

Lackluster at best. Not a good way to start off a review eh?

I saw this dram at the local store and I wanted to try something new. Usually I do my research and try to pick my next winner by going online and reading reviews. If only there was some blog out there that reviewed whisky.... Just kidding ;). Anyway here is the so-so Glenkinchie .

Color: light gold
Nose: salty, smoke and fruit
Palate: smoky with a little peat an some sweet honey
Body: watery, thin
Finish: feint and smoky, nothing that good here

This was just an ok whisky. It wasn't awesome and not terrible, but that's it. And at the 50 price range, you can do so much more. I would not recommend this boring whisky to many people. It is like a stale Highland Park. Overall, I give this whisky a disappointing 6 of 10. Sadness my friends, sadness...

Questions for YOU: What was your most disappointing whisky purchase?

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