Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Night with THE Macallan

A night of FREE Scotch and good company, I can’t think of anything better (seriously).

The Macallan is doing a marketing campaign at local venues all over the country. They allow you to sign up and invite guests to a one night Scotch tasting event. I was lucky enough to grab a seat at the Cleveland, Ohio event. The whole night cost me nothing and I was able to taste most of Macallan’s expressions. They served snacks as we milled around waiting for our seats. It was a nice little crab ball appetizer. As we got in line for the event they served us our first glass of Macallan 10yr Fine Oak. I have a bottle of this at home but I still like the sharp, young whisky.

Upon seating they started the event and the ambassador covered what makes the Scotch so unique. Our ambassador was a decent host but if you really listened to what he had to say, he was very entertaining. We were then served another 10 yr Fine Oak, 12 yr Sherry, 15 yr Fine Oak, THE 18yr Sherry cask, and the 10yr Cask Strength. WOW. I consider my Macallan 12yr Sherry my go to whisky, but the 18yr was absolutely amazing. I wish I never tasted it to be honest! Ignorance is bliss and now after tasting the 18, I just don't know if I can go back to the 12. I am just not ready to fork over the extra 70 dollars for the 18yr. A 12yr Sherry is around $50 while the 18yr is over $100. Bummer. The night carried on and we had the opportunity to talk the ambassador afterward. He was very friendly and super personable! I loved listening to him talk about his whisky adventures. He has the greatest job in the world… I am a tad jealous. The group I went with hung around and smoked a cigar in the parking lot as our blood alcohol level dropped a little, we had over 5 glasses of Scotch remember. My buddies and I just loved this event and I love Macallan for doing something so cool. Thanks guys, you will always be my favorite whisky. Well I am now off to sell some stuff on Ebay so I can afford an 18yr bottle of happiness!

Question for YOU: Has anyone else been to these events yet? If so, how did your night compare?!

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