Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cigar Essentials: Dr. RH Cigar Care

Struggling with keeping those humidors just the right humidity? Is the winter and colder temperatures wrecking havoc on their consistency? Well guess what?! I have just what the Doctor ordered. They are called Dr RH Cigar Care products.

I was getting really frustrated with my current humidifiers and the consistency they delivered. I live in Ohio and we try not to over-use the furnace to keep the bills low. So that means colder temperatures in the home. This in turn affects my precious little leafy friends (my cigars). I was reading my latest Cigar Aficionado and they had an ad for ultra-grade cigar care. I was sold and immediately went online to do some research. I learned they use a standard jelly humidifier but their solution is ultra pure and medical grade. Would that translate to better humidification? Maybe. But I was willing to try after I was literally tending to my old humidifiers weekly. So I ordered the Dr RH Cigar Care products; two humidifiers and the Cigar Care solution. I immediately noticed a jump in humidity (a good thing, I was running too low). They have also been very easy to maintain and they offer much better consistency as far as highs and lows in the humidity. I am impressed and I know that I will be getting more of their products. Plus, they are not that much more expensive than similar humidification products. I will keep you all updated as to their long term performance, but overall I would highly recommend.

Question for YOU: How do you humidify your humidor?


  1. I just picked up a bottle of this stuff along with a 4oz crystal jar for my new 75 count humidor. How have you like this stuff over the long haul? BTW GO BUCKEYES!

  2. Over the long haul not bad. I did a test with this juice and some Stogies 50/50. Both held humidity and there was no molding. I will say that the Stogies is cheaper and had the same consistency so.... You make the call! GO Buckeyes! http://www.amazon.com/Stogies-Humidor-Solution-Propylene-Pre-mixed/dp/B004PJ20PU