Friday, September 2, 2011

Cigar Review: Montecristo Cabinet Seleccion

There is truly something special about fall. The cool breezes, changing of the leaves, start of football season (close call this year!), and of course the pumpkin beer! 

I was watching some football I decided to pull out a Montecristo Cabinet Selection and a Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale. I don't think there is a better way to spend a fall day than this, you must try it.
The Montecristo was very pleasant. It was perfectly constructed and burned fine. It had a great nutty taste and finished smooth. It was creamy and had some spice on the palate. I am not sure if I would have liked to see a little more spice in this cigar, but it was still really good without it. I would describe this cigar's taste as toasted almonds. It did go nice with a pumpkin beer!
The Sam Adams was a deep reddish amber beer with a hint of spice and real pumpkin. It was good with a nice smooth Montecristo. Not my favorite Sam Adams but definitely my favorite pumpkin ale. The pumpkin played nice with the smooth rich cigar.
Back to the cigar, it really changed as it burned down. It became progressively spicier and intense as it burned down. It was just a good cigar, not my favorite but worth buying. The finish was my favorite part. It was clean and balanced, not ashy or too spicy. Well I would give this cigar a sturdy 7 of 10 but with a good pumpkin ale, an 8!


  1. you may want to change your title and label.

    1. Thanks for the catch! Maybe I had one too many of those Pumpkin Beers.