Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cigar Review: Acid Atom

Sweet and sassy!

The Acid Atom maduro was an unexpected treat! I was rummaging through my flavored cigars humidor and found this Acid in there. I have had this cigar in there since I bought my first Acid cigar almost 2 years ago. It has aged nicely but I am uncertain if it has fully retained its flavor integrity. I keep all my Acids in a separate humidor but in that humidor I have every kind of Acid from Opulence 3's to Kuba Kuba's to Nastys.  So I am not sure how much of the other flavors it has absorbed.

Anyway, whatever it did in my humidor tasted great. It has a sweetened maduro wrapper with a nice herbal and citrusy taste. It was very light and easy to smoke, it burned great too!  I am surprised I haven't tried it before. It was so different than anything I usually smoke. Don't get me wrong, a little too sweet, but still really nice. I decided to pair it with a little Disaronno to see what would happen. Fireworks, that's what happened! It was a great pairing, but definitely sweet. I had this for dessert and man did it hit the spot. It was better than cake!

Well I have to go brush my teeth now, but man that was good. The cigar was great, too sweet for everyday smoking but PERFECT for desserts. I give this cigar a solid 7 of 10, and if smoked after diner a great 8.5 of 10!

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