Saturday, June 5, 2010

Delicious Pairings: CAO LX2 and Mount Gay Rum

You have to try this! I recently read an article from a catalog about pairing rum with cigars. I am very familiar with pairing cigars with Scotch, but I have yet to try rum! So this post will be all about what I learned and what you should try.

After rummaging through my man cabinet, (every man needs a man cabinet by the way) I selected a darker more complex cigar and a smooth unflavored rum. The article specifically said to not use a flavored rum, the sweetness can ruin whatever subtle flavors you are creating by the pairing. So what did I select? I selected Mount Gay Barbados Rum, it is relatively cheap and a great rum! It is like the St. Luis Rey of rums. I went with a CAO LX2 for the cigar, for its complexity and dark earthy taste. I also haven’t had a CAO in a while so this was great.

Now to the actual tasting. The whole point of pairing a cigar with a drink isn't to "cleanse the palate" from the cigar. It is to enhance the taste from the cigar, with the drink whether that be coffee, whisky, or rum. The LX2 provided a deep earthy and petty taste that was enhanced with sweet sugar from the rum. It created a truly fantastic pair and keep the mouth happy for hours! I was sitting on my porch just enjoying a sunny day, and the taste of earthy sweetness filled my senses! It was great and I will definitely try further pairings. I am planning on getting some more rums, because I think I may like a rum better with a cigar than a Scotch. I dare say it...

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