Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cigar Essentials: The Portable Humidor

Cigars should be enjoyed everywhere you go! That can be the golf course, a neighbor's BBQ, or even a camping trip. The portable humidor is the ideal way to safely and comfortably transport those little stogies! The hard case of the herf-a-dor keeps the cigars from getting smashed and damaged in transit. The built in humidifier keeps the cigars nice and moist till you are ready to smoke them. They can comfortably stay in the case for days, maybe weeks! There is nothing worse than packing up a nice cigar for a trip, only to find it crumbling from drying out…

Many herf-a-dors come in various sizes and designs. I figured it was not worth splurging on, and so I decided to purchase the one pictured left. It is simple, strong, and effective. I have used it many times to take cigars on trips and to local get togethers. My cigars never even knew they left their comfortable humidor! All you have to do is put a few squirts of cigar juice in the humidifier and place those cigars in the case! The case comes with two snap seals, and all around the opening is a rubber lining to keep the seal till you are ready to smoke. Works great, and they are not going to break the bank.

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