Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cigar Review: Oliva V

Sometimes it is better to give than receive....

That is just about what sums up this cigar, for me that is. It would make a nice gift, but definitely not a personal favorite. I have seen the Oliva V cigar in cigar aficionado, on, and on and I couldn't wait to smoke this bad boy! It was given a 94 rating and has won its share of awards, it looked like a real win! This is where you may want to stop reading, I may offend any Oliva fans out there, but man I was disappointed.

This cigar had a very strong smell and nice hearty weight. It cut and lit very easily and everything was going pretty good! It billowed a nice thick smoke and its full earthy smell came through. It tasted like a very strong maduro would, earthy sweet and hints of espresso or chocolate. Now comes the problem.....It was like smoking 3 maduros at ounce. Everyone claims this cigar is full of complexity and a smooth richness. It was complex and rich but there was no smooth! It was so strong and direct that there was nothing for the senses to look for, everything was smashed into them. Instead of subtle tastes and smells, it was like sensory overload. I was not enjoying this cigar. I smoked it through but was not impressed. Maybe it was just me, maybe it was too strong for my liking but regardless I am giving this brute a 6 or 10. Next time turn down the strength if you want to highlight rich flavors.

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