Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whisky Essentials: A Proper Whisky Glass

I have had whiskey from all sorts of glasses, but I have come to appreciate certain glasses for their enhancement to the tasting experience. I am of course referring to a Glencairn glass! The Glencairn glass boasts an exclusive design meant for fine whisky. From the shape, to the composition of the actual glass itself, the Glencairn is engineered to help you appreciate the whisky. So the big question is, does it really do what it claims? Does it actually enhance the tasting experience?

I personally own a set of glasses and I am a beleiver! Basically, the shape and size of the glass is meant to enhance and constrict the smell and taste of whisky during consumption. It is the same concept of the new Samual Adams glass. The shape constricts the aromas into a certain area making smelling little nuances easier. The belly of the glass prevents to much disturbance as the liquid flows during actual drinking as the glass is tilted. The smaller mouth of the glass prevents your nose from being inside the ring of the glass as you bring the liquid to your lips. Most glasses allow your nose to work as you are drinking. With a small mouth, the nose and mouth work independetly and really make a difference when you are nosing a whisky and when it actually hits your tongue. I find that drinking from a glass like this helps (slightly) to elimenate the bite of whisky. This may be due to the nose keeping out of the actual drinking part. It goes from nose to tongue, and the two are not combined (obviously the tongue and nostrils are in the same passage), this is just keeping the vapor from hitting both the nose and tongue all at once. The strength of the whisky then isnt felt as hard, this is the only thing I could think of to explain why it seems so much nicer to drink from a Glencairn glass. I really do like my glasses and they make them with laser engravings of popular brands, so a nice collection can also be added to your whisky hobby! All I know is the right glass really makes for a better expereince. You are not going to drink an expensive liqour out of a plastic cup!

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