Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cigar Review: Graycliff G2 Turbo

Turbos Engage!

I had my Graycliff Turbo for a while now and have been yearning to smoke it! I am a huge fan of the Graycliffs and have decided on them as my go-to cigars. Time after time, these cigars impressed me. I just haven't run into another brand like Graycliff...

Graycliff introduced the G2 line this year and they have two sticks in that line. I was not overly pleased with the regular G2 cigar and hoped the G2 Turbo delivered on the great Graycliff taste I have come to love. This cigar is a G2 per se, but only in the name. It was much more enjoyable and had a better taste and finish than the regular G2's. So lets get started on the actual review!

The construction of the cigar was impeccable! It is a Habano wrapper from the San Andreas Valley and its fillers are Cuban seed ligeros. It had a few large veins in the wrapper but all in all, the  leaves used in it looked great! It lit very easy and the maintained a great even burn with a nicely balanced draw for the whole hour we smoked it. It started a little spicy and strong and finished with a toasty aftertaste. Its spice faded as we smoked it and a  sweet cedar taste took over the finish. This was my favorite part of the cigar, it was sweet and had less of that peppery taste. The perfect burn of the cigar maintained the whole time. Towards the nub of it, the sweet toast taste finished the experience and really made for a strong ending.

This was a good smoke. I was not a huge fan of the pepper and spice in the beginning but the sweet cedar taste was excellent! It really made the smoking experience complex and more enjoyable. I coupled this cigar with a nice sweet white wine and it was a great way to start the night! I give this cigar a respectable 7 of 10.

Questions for YOU: What is you favorite Graycliff?

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