Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cigar Review: Perdomo Reserve Champagne

Champagne, the drink of celebration so when you slap "champagne" on something, you are making a statement. A delicious, balanced statement! 

This Perdomo has quite a few things working for it. First off, its Connecticut wrapper is triple fermented. Second, it's filled with fine Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos.  Third, construction and presentation are flawless. Nailed it Perdomo, nailed it. Now lets celebrate!

The smoke itself is very much like champagne.  Smooth, refined, and complex. It is a mild to medium smoke with an absence of any spicy flavors. Do not mistake it for boring though. It has a rich coffee taste with a little creamy sweetness. Very impressive.

This cigar is a great stick and once again, check out the deals. There are some pretty good ones at You can score this cigar for as little as 7 bucks! Not bad for a flavorful easy smoker. I give this lite cigar a strong 8 of 10. 

Questions for YOU: What is your favorite Perdomo? And have you ever had champagne with a cigar?!

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