Monday, January 21, 2013

Cigar Review: Thurman Thomas Hall of Fame Maduro

What would you do if you were an NFL Hall of Famer? Start up a cigar line of course!

That is exactly what Thurman Thomas did with this Stogie Boys exclusive. After a career of beating up your body, sitting down and smoking a nice cigar seems like just the ticket. With this modestly priced cigar you can do that on more than one occasion too.

These Hall of Fame sticks run for $4 . They are a staple of the retailer and not a bad go-to cigar. The construction is decent on this slightly oily maduro. Nice draw and lite evenly despite not being in my humidor for long. Upon burning, you notice its mellow, wispy smoke. Not very strong but pleasant  The cigar was smooth and creamy, making it very easy to smoke. It had a mellow sweetness like the savory taste of a pecan. It was mild overall, with a nice clean finish. Not a lot of flavors in there, but there was a little spice at the end.

The cigar was a decent smoke and burned great the whole time. It didn't have as much flavor as one would hope, but still good. I would not quite call this a medium-bodied cigar, but also not a lightweight either. It is a tweener. If you are looking for a good anytime smoke, here is your man! Figuratively…well I guess literally too. Give the Thurman a try. This economical cigar gets a decent 7 of 10. Enjoy!

Questions for YOU: What will you be smoking during the Superbowl? A Thurman maybe!?

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