Monday, November 15, 2010

Cigar Review: 5 Vegas "A"

Another earthy classic from 5 Vegas (pronounced Cinco Vegas by the way).

The 5 Vegas “A” is a great full bodied maduro cigar. It was very smooth and had some pleasant flavors, especially for being a little more on the bold side. It was very similar to many premium maduro’s with its espresso sweet taste and earthy finish. What made it different from the rest of the pack was how agreeable the flavors played together. It was a great balanced cigar and I smoked it to the very nub. I actually almost forgot to take a picture and write this review because I was a little busy! I have noticed myself smoking the 5 Vegas more and more…

One of the great features of the 5 Vegas brand is also that price tag. You just can’t beat their lower priced premium cigars. They might not blow you away with flavor but they definitely deliver a great cigar for a stellar price. There are also some great sampler packs that come with all sorts of goodies at Bottom-line, if you want a good smoke without breaking the bank, try the darker 5 Vegas cigars. I give this “A“ cigar 8.5 of 10.

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