Monday, October 25, 2010

Cigar Review: The 5 Vegas Cask Strength

I have only smoked two 5 Vegas cigars my whole life, and well that just isn't enough!

This cigar was what I expected a "Cask Strength" to be. It was bold and refined, yet easy to smoke and surprisingly complex. It lit great and kept its burn fairly well, just a little work needed. It billowed a thick almost pungent smoke, not pleasant for non cigar smokers (I guess, I personally loved it). It had an excellent draw, really easy to get puffing. It was the taste that really made this 6 year old a joy. It was rich and earthy with some chocolatey sweet on the finish. It had a little spice and the strength of the Costa Rican Maduro really came out. Not much changed as you smoked it but its little flavors here and there really added to the cigars complexity. It would go great with a sweeter liquor, maybe gin or rum?! I will definitely try to get some more of these. I give this bold little cigar a hefty 8 of 10. Definitely a must try, especially at a very affordable price.

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