Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cigar Review: Graycliff Espresso

I have been waiting for months to have come up with their Graycliff Top 10 Sampler again. It is the best of all the lines, the Professional, Espresso, 1666, G2, Gran Cru, Original, and the CI Legends. I got 10 amazing Graycliffs for 37 dollars! The espresso alone is 20 bucks. Anyway enough plugging To the actual cigar...

The Graycliff Espresso was everything I thought it would be. It had an excellent wrapper and good draw. No burn problems and was easy to smoke down to the very nub. The cigar smelled light and slightly sweet. The smoke was very thick and had a pleasant leathery smell. The taste o the taste! It was a mild sweet espresso and chocolate with lots of nutty flavors. It was complex yet subtle. It had a nice roasted taste to it as well. There was a negibale spice note but not worth highlighting.

All in all, this was a fantastic smoke. Once again Graycliff fails to disappoint, time after time their entire brand just rocks my world. It is definitely one of my favorite cigars. After all these amazing cigars I just might have to make a visit down to their super prestigious and world renown resort. It would be so cool to chill in an atompshere where smoking cigars is ENCOURAGED! Overall I give this great smoke a solid 9.5 of 10.

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